The things to be known when you chose a Labrador then can be concern the health and the natural attitudes of the race.

As regards the natural attitudes of Labrador, we can certainly say that is good, with a great smell, untiring in the amount carried over and a great swimmer! Don't need to wait him for a watch dog, it's so much less to try to bring his nature on the aggressiveness: lost time!
As it regards his health, it's a race that suffers from dysplasia to the flankes, to the elbows over that to the oculopaties.
Here is important the job of the breeder that must try to produce healthy puppies, always maintaining also the attitudes of the race alive!
When a dog of race is bought, also brings us to house the part of work developed by the breeder, made of nutritional searches, of vocational test and of joinings among select subjects minutely!
Now, said this, it seems that when you choose a puppy from a serious breeding (and for serious we intend that it respects the reproductive parameters choosing only healthy dogs) you are in an iron barrel…
Bhè, you must know that from this barrel you can go out there in an instant… since a puppy in growth fed in wrong way or put under unfavorable conditions (staircases in continuation, excessive jumps, smooth floors, etc…) be able to show not inherent motor problems to the genetics but to the environmental factor come him to create in the new house!

Our appointment, if picks out to purchase a puppy from us, will be also that to help you in the nutrition and in the life of every day, since in that companion of your life, there will be also a part of us!!