If you have reached this page of our site, it means that is looking for a pup of Labrador.
Well, i hold important to specify some very important points for us and for your choice.

We are not a breeding of "production" pups, our litters during the year are few and above all you aim to reach our objective: to try to improve this splendid race.

We desire to follow our pups in growth and to maintain the contacts with all the owners. This choice isn't to be intrusive, but because in our pups delivered there is a part of us, a little piece of life that it takes another direction, but it will continue to be a part of our existence. We hold important to do this, because to make of the owners available our experience can avoid to commit errors, also banal, that they could create serious problems at our puppies.

The litters are managed in the house, to give to every pup the contact and the correct imprinting that it will do to become every our Labrador the perfect companion of life. I ask a reflection all those people who they will contact us: the Labrador's pup is amazing, perhaps the most tender among all the pups of the various races, but this small wad will become an adult (more or less polite according to the attentions that you will give him), but he will be a great appointment!!

Don't make only a hazardous choice only because is tender, also he needs attentions, of so many sacrifices that will broadly be repaid by the immense love that he will give you.

A dog is forever, the Labrador would be able to give his life for you...... Are you ready to devote him the yours?
If the answer is yes...... well...... You're welcome in the great family BRITISHPRIDE!!!
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