Our history is born from the endless passion for the dogs.
It's a child's history that , loving in an eviscerated way the friends to four legs, and she desires since her "birth" to share her life with a puppy. But the possibility to have a dog not her gives up to 27 years, and at the same time, her desire is satiated by a quantity endless of books that described the various races. The sweatness and the caracteristics of Labradors have more always her become curious and so not as soon as has had the possibility to possess one of them, an instant has not hesitated! Bhe' that child, grown by now i am me, Erica, that i love this race as anybody to the world and that i believe both really important to make something try to maintain always lives the principal characteristics of these marvelous Retrievers!

I'm happy to have met Luca, my husband, also him impassioned dog - loving and he loves too Labradors!! The assignment of Luca is the training because with his calm and his love he succeeds in also taming the "crazy horses".. the idea to create a breeding we have had when we have met Enrico, that from breeder of affirmed Schnauzer ( Charlie twice champion of the world,etc.) has decided to help us in this marvelous walk! And here i am, to realize a dream in the drawer, to be fierce to see the light in the eyes of the people that purchase a pup from us and to tell everything this of you with the heart full of joy!!!!

I'm convinced whether to love a race needs to know it, to know needs it experience, and to have a good experience it takes indeed so much passion!!