Why to train our own dog?

The evil common of a lot of people is to believe that a happy dog is a dog that "run about" free in garden: people limit him therefore to furnish a piece of land and a beautiful dog's bed!! Bh we don't think really this way of us and we will try to explain you the motives.

If you will decide to increase the family and you will want to share your life with a marvelous Labrador, then you must under stand that the puppy is like a child: i twill have need to know the rules of the house before being completely in turning with you.

Doesn't train a dog only to have him to "wand" and to command him, but he is taught him as he must behave us in the house or in garden.
You try to imagine if, from small anybody he had tauught you nothing: would be grown without under standing the good and the evil!

Teaching to the dog to be in the house without destroying everything and without creating problems with the other people, it will allow you to leave him free in the house when they will come, for instance, friends to supper because he will know what is his space and it won't come to disturb around the table. Not is understimate then, the possibility to bring him in vacation with you: a polite dog is always well accepted in hotels and restaurants and will do you to make a beautiful figure!!

The training is not made for punishing the dog
to be able to share more possible time with him!!

Not for last, all the dogs have some natural ( for Labrador and the amount carried over) attitudes and it will be amusing to make to emerge this passion of his playing and working with you.

The training is sweet: the violence is not used it makes lever on the estreme greediness of the Labradorses rewarding them when they do well and avoiding to do him when they are wrong. Not is difficult , be enough to have the correct right-hand and then will amuse there's a world to see how much is intelligent our friend to four legs!!!!!

How him he is able to train?

Two lines of blood mainly exist: from job and from beauty.
If you possess a job dog, then it will be simple to teach to bring him because the amount carried over is in his Dna. To this intention is our custom to get used all the puppies to the strong noises because doesn't have, them from adults, the fear of the shots or the fires of artifice: i am banality but you could be very useful..
If you have chosen Labrador from exposure, the nit is worth to teach to be him on the ring: not is rare to see penalized very beautiful dogs because they don't know whether to behave him.

We can follow you in both the types of training: Luca will help you in the obedience of base and advance and Erica in the expo handling.
It's our habit to surrender the puppy with the free lessons of trainig because for us is important that our dogs are not alone beautiful but also so much good!!